Abracadabra la Notte dei Miracoli

An extraordinary show composed of the best artists of the national and international Magic panorama.

An exciting evening to witness the real Magic.

From an idea of Disguido and Gigi Speciale, thanks to the collaboration of Valter Leonardi of the Court of Miracles of Livorno, born in Rome a new great Show of Illusionism, an important and indispensable appointment with the Great Magic, the Christmas show for the family.

Let yourself be transported into the universe of Illusion with a true Magical experience of Love and solidarity.

The proceeds will be donated to “Uniphelan Onlus”, an association in support of children suffering from Phelan McDermid Syndrome and ANTAS ONLUS an association with over 200 volunteers, who for 14 years has believed in the power of Clowntherapy as a daily gesture of solidarity towards others and especially towards those who suffer. Active in the major hospitals of Rome, he made the red nose his mission.

Isabella R. Zanivan
production – administration – communication

Guido Marini
artistic direction – image – direction
www.guidomarini.it www.disguidomagic.com

Luigi Speciale
artistic direction – administration – social
www.gigispeciale.com www.saltimbancoanimazione.it

Valter Leonardi
producer – marketing


gala e tv, teatro