In 1600, in Paris, it was banned the possibility to speak in flair shows and a French actor, named Tabarin (his name was inspired by Tabarrino, great exponent of the Italian

Comedy of Art) found a way to attract people using a felt circle with a huge hole in the center. Folding it in many shapes, he could creates different hats for infinite characters.

This art was named “Chapeaugrafie”!

Very few artists during the centuries used this antique and extremely clever art: one of the most famous ones is the great quick change artist Arturo Brachetti.

Disguido modernized Chapeaugraphie, thanks to their fantasy, creating an exhilarating performance as a tribute to the history of Cinema.

An award-winning original musical choreography, that led Disguido to win the prestigious “MANDRAKE D’OR” in Paris 2013, to win in 2017 the 3° award at the European

Championship of Magic FISM, Blackpool (UK) , to be placed as a third-prize winner in the Italian Championship of Magic and to be presented as “Masters of Illusion”

in the finale show of the Italian television production “La Grande Magia”!

Watch the URI GELLER credits!

In 2012 Chapeau Cinema is the closing act of the “Festival del Cinema di Venezia” – one of the most popular festivals in Europe.

In 2018 and 2015 Disguido represent the Italian team in  the World Championship of Magic – FISM – showing this act to the world!

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