Il Gabinetto scientifico del Prof Holofusen
e la Gnoma… cresciutella!

Crazy eyed, messy haired and always late, a scientist, a researcher focused on his numerous discoveries.

Professor Holofusen, all fused, with his innumerable inventions and scientific discoveries will try to demonstrate that magic doesn’t exist but, of course, he will be inevitably, magically overpowered by Magic itself!

She- his invention- will be rejoicing for his failures, the grown-up she-dwarf! Ready to joke the professor any time she can.

An amazing amount of laughter in a sequence of sketches and visual gags, accompanied by the amazement of those numerous magical effects.

At the end, a stage illusions that will involve a person from the audience that will create an atmosphere of suspense and astonishment!

teatro ragazzi, eventi