The Magician Girò…
and something changed!

Magician Girò is desperate. He had been with no audience for so much time, and he truly believes that there is a better magician around.

The journey to find out this magician will bring him to discover electricity, telephone, TV and all those common daily objects that, in their simplicity, are amazingly new to the eye of Magician Girò.

Competing against those “new magicians”, as he defines them, is truly hard.

Thanks to Apollonia, the owner of a restaurant – she is desperate and with no customers too- Magician Girò will find happiness again.

Apollonia, who will reveal her identity to the audience, will let Girò understand that everyone still need his extraordinary magic, but even that we are too disenchanted to believe in those amazements – maybe because of those comforts such as light, telephone and TV.

Magician Girò will bring children in his world, standing between dream and reality.

The journey will start with you, coming in the Theatre!

A colorful and humorous show, sometimes poetical, of course magical and with an unexpected and surprising ending!

teatro ragazzi