A “I”, a “O” and a magical red dot: this is Disguido’s show, a circular parenthesis in a squared world. 10 chapters compose an original variety show, a combination of sketches,
magic, illusions, quick dress changes and disruptive humor. A series of visual comedy acts where everything changes in the blink of an eye and meanings multiply.
Eccentric characters come and go onstage. Between many allegories and metaphors, “IO” Illusion Opera creates  popular visions, recognizable by everybody’s imagination,
and linked to the astonishing world of cinema, telling the story of a man and of his inner child; expressing the need of playing forever that secretly lives in everyone,
because life is just a game.
Enormous “I” and “O” overhang the stage, and the dot on the “I” symbolically holds it all together: a red spot, omnipresent in the show, that changes in its size.

This red spot, as a clown nose, is the “fil rouge” of the show, that renews the events on the stage and the audience’s laughter!